Thankful For Dr. R. C. Sproul

By Semper Fidelis · Dec 14, 2017 · ·
  1. Semper Fidelis
    A few years ago, I was contacted by Ligonier Ministries. I have supported the ministry since 1997 and they informed me that R.C.'s 75th Birthday was coming up soon and asked if I would like to write a note to him on that occasion. I wrote a heartfelt note of how much Dr. Sproul had meant to me and to my utter delight heard my note read to him on the air. He reacted with deep appreciation for my thoughts.

    It was the least I could do for a man whose ministry has meant so much to me.

    I grew up Roman Catholic. I still remember the fear of hellfire and then going to confession, being absolved by the priest, and thnking shortly after that it was a good time to die because I would end up in heaven.

    In 1980 my family moved to Fort Worth and the priest at our Church was in the charismatic movement. He taught that I was saved by faith and that Roman Catholics were Christians too. I learned how to speak in tongues and began to assume that the Reformation was about Luther making people zealous for Jesus again and not be so stodgy and traditional.

    After college I rarely attended Church anymore but knew I needed to get back to Church. Because I now thought that Christianity was wherever zeal was found I ended up in a charismatic, non-denominational Church. When I moved to VA in 1996, my new wife and I found another charismatic non-denominational Church.

    I was wracked by guilt over my sin and spiritual depression over not being able to yield sufficiently to the Spirit to find joy and overcome my sin. I assumed I was the only one who was failing to find all the answers that Promise Keepers and Family Life Marriage conferences promised. I tried it all but I could not find enough zeal for God to overcome my sin.

    One day, while driving on Quantico, I heard a teacher on the radio teaching about the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Mass. In just 5 minutes time I wanted to learn more so I called Ligonier Ministries and ordered the tape series on Roman Catholicism and Faith Alone.

    I read the book, Faith Alone, during a long plane ride to Okinawa. It was as though the scales fell off my eyes. I had heard the Scriptures all my life but I had never seen it all fall into place. R.C. was used so mightily of God in my life.

    All my seeking for religious experience paled in comparison to the Gospel that R.C. so clearly explained. Nothing since has compared to the surpassing riches of Christ that I first learned through the reading of this book. Theology was transformed from the realm of a boring subject to something that enflamed my soul. I wanted to learn more about the Scriptures. I wanted to learn more about God and man and I desired others to know of the surpassing riches of the Gospel.

    I've had the opportunity to meet R.C. in person three times. Each time I've awkwardly tried to express how much his ministry means to me.

    I give all glory to God but I also recongizes that He uses means. I don't know how else God might have reached me but I know that it was through R.C. that the Gospel first came sweetly to me.

    How beautiful were the feet of R.C. who brought me such good news.

    Rest in peace, Dr. Sproul. Thank you, Lord, for calling this man to ministry and giving him the vision to reach men like me. This poor sinner is grateful.

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  1. Ask Mr. Religion
    Ligonier has published a special edition of Tabletalk magazine dedicated to R.C.'s life and ministry that should be hitting subscribers' mailboxes today and onward. Mine came in yesterday's mail.
    1. RefPres1647
      I've been wondering if they would. I thought it would have come out well before now and kept wondering why they didn't mention it at all in any of the regular editions. Looking forward to reading this!
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    2. RefPres1647
      Got mine in yesterday.
  2. RefPres1647
    I'll never forget the first time I read "The Holiness of God" and listened to him preach his sermon "Holy, Holy, Holy". I had never properly understood what God's holiness truly meant and R.C. helped me to thoroughly understand why we are so undeserving and why God is so much greater than we can comprehend. I'm incredibly thankful for Dr. Sproul's faithfulness to the word and his desire for the Church to truly understand who we are and who God is. I know he's in the presence of Christ crying Holy, Holy, Holy and for that, I can only praise God for taking him home.
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  3. Mike Heath
    I am just reading through his book 'Essential truths of the Christian faith'. I have watched several of his videos and always been impressed but this is the first book of his that I have bought.
    I watched the memorial address by MacArthur and was moved by it.
  4. ThomasT
    Sproul was hugely encouraging to me as well. I used to listen to his sermons in the car during my lunch break at work. They always left me impressed with the magnitude of grace God has bestowed upon us.
  5. Ask Mr. Religion
    Thank you for this, Rich.