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  1. Pilgrim
    Since Buice is a Southern Baptist, my guess is that the preacher he heard was one too. I've been struck by the extent to which elements of charismatic spirituality have seeped into the SBC in recent years, whether among those who are Calvinistic...
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  2. TheologiaCrucis
    When God is speaking in scripture he is addressing the universal terms of His covenant and Salvific plan. He is not inspiring your day today. How God acts with David is not a prototype for your life.
  3. TheologiaCrucis
    No one was stronger on this topic than Luther who, in his battles with the enthusiasts, made it clear that one should render any supposed "word" other than that revealed in Scripture as if it could just as easily be the word of the devil as the...
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  4. Ask Mr. Religion
    On the matter of the classification of the canon, this may be of interest:
  5. NaphtaliPress
    Here is a partial list of editions of the Confession of Faith in Lee's Memorials.
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  6. Ask Mr. Religion
    A fascinating and excellently researched article. If you could own but one of these ancient works, which one would you choose?
  7. Stope
    I know we were already having this chat, but for me its clear in scripture: 1. God has spoken all we need for living in the closed Canon 2. God is still speaking today, not "new" doctrine or scripture, but He speaks to us, or better said he...
  8. Ask Mr. Religion
    I become very worried when people start saying, "the Lord spoke to me today" or "I don't do anything unless the Lord tells me to do it", etc., as if God is actually directly speaking to someone (Murray speaks to this directly). God does not...
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  9. Taylor Sexton
    I think he is right on the money. It's funny that you post this, because I was listening to Dr. John Gerstner's "Handout Church History" lectures the other day, and he harped on this same issue. I think it is important to recognize, as Gerstner...