4th commandment

  1. Knecht Christi

    Are Live-Streamed Services to Be Considered Public Worship?

    Greetings brothers, In light of COVOID-19, there are many cancellations of public worship services and/or at risk Christians that ought to stay at home. As such, many of us will be watching live streamed services with our families. This is categorically difficult for me, and there aren't a...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Resources Available - Keeping the Lord's Day

    Friends, In light of the recent Super Bowl, how are we to keep the Lord's Day holy? What are the practical nuts and bolts of it? Is our main focus upon enjoying and worshipping the Lord only for public worship in the morning, or is it to extend to the whole day? Is it ok to eat out at...
  3. calvinich

    John Newton Brown's Debate With William Taylor over The Fourth Commandment

    You might find it interesting that John Newton Brown, the American Baptist pastor from the 1800's who wrote the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith, was a part of a "debate book" effort, where he argued for the Christian Sabbath against William Taylor. In my perusal of this document...
  4. C

    Recommendations for Study of Ten Commandments, esp. 2nd and 4th

    I feel as if I am in the middle of a paradigm shift recently. I have believed in the Doctrines of Grace for sometime, but I have never departed from many common evangelical beliefs like (supposed) images of Jesus not a problem, the Sabbath isn't required, and in general, we are not required to...