1. TylerRay

    Textbooks at Union Seminary, 1865

    The following is a letter from R. L. Dabney to a seminary student. The context is that the War is over, the South is reduced to poverty, and Dabney is telling him what textbooks to try to borrow from pastors in his presbytery.
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    How do you pronounce his name?

    I'm dedicating a large amount of time over the next six months to a new project on Pastoral Theology. I'm working to update A Puritan's Mind's Pastoral Section with quite a lot of new information. I've been rereading all my pastoral theology books again, and most of them quote Alexandre R. Vinet...
  3. Grillsy

    R.L. Dabney vs. Alexander Campbell

    Here is link to Dabney's critique of Campbellism. I thought that you all might like to read it. http://www.dabneyarchive.com/Discussions%20V1/The%20System%20of%20Alexander%20Campbell.pdf It was very important in its time. Given that at the time of Dabney writing his defense of Christian...