doctrine of god

  1. Charles Johnson

    Resources on the Son as άυτόθεος

    Good afternoon brethren, I'm putting together a list of sources on the άυτόθεος doctrine, or more specifically, whether the Son is begotten of the Father according to his essence. Enjoy!
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    Attributes of God Section at APM (New)

    The internet is woefully inadequate on a compilation of articles, books and such on God's attributes from a biblical / Reformed perspective. I'm working to build out a solid attributes of God section to the site by faithful Reformed preachers and writers. At this new section of A Puritan's Mind...
  3. S

    John Murray's lectures on Theology Proper

    Hi, My first post I think so please excuse me if I get something wrong. I was re-reading Frame's article about systematics and apologetics at Westminster last night (here: Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster - Reformed ... [Word doc]), and again I found Frame's references to 90...