1. donk

    Seoul Covenant Church

    I notice there have been three or four threads in the past looking for a Reformed Church in Korea. These threads are all closed, so I hope it is okay for me to answer the question here for whoever comes looking in the future. I hope I'm not violating any forum rules. Here is the link for Seoul...
  2. Jaewon

    Using Public Transportation on Lord's Day

    Greetings from Korea, As a well-known fact, Korea has one of the most developed and advanced public transportation systems in major cities (you can disagree with it if you want :p). In fact, it is a lot faster to take buses and subways rather than driving your own car in Seoul, capital. With...
  3. Dearly Bought

    Good Reformed Church in S. Korea?

    I have a good friend who just arrived in South Korea to teach ESL in a public elementary school. He's in Hwasun-gun-eup, just outside of Gwangju (which means nothing to me, of course). Can anyone help me direct him to a solid Reformed church in the area? Or at least point him towards a...