1. R

    What Would Futurists and Preterists Think if They Only Knew?

    What would Protestant/Fundamentalist Baptist Futurists and Preterists think if they knew that their systems were both created by the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests Ribera and Alcazar, respectively, to take the focus off the present-day pope/papal system as the Antichrist, just to push the focus...
  2. Christian Teegardin

    Any Historic Premillennialists on Here?

    I hold to post-tribulation (historic) premillennialism, and do not agree with most Reformed Christians' amillennialism. In all other points of doctrine, we're simpatico, but eschatology is a tough one. I used to be what Reformed folk call a 'Dispensational.' Yes, a dispensationalist. I used to believe...
  3. Christian Teegardin

    Post-Tribulation Chialist, Wanting Biblical Support for Amillennialism

    I am interested in Reformed Amillennial eschatology, and currently hold to dispensationalism, pre-millennialism, and post-tribulation, all together. I hold to Calvinistic soteriology, though. Here is what I want: 1. Biblical arguments for both sides. 2. A debate between the two sides. 3...