regulative principle of worship

  1. Charles Johnson

    J.H. Heidegger on removing idolatrous ceremonies from worship

    I was reading through J.H. Heidegger's Medulla Theologiae, and I found his criteria for when ceremonies are acceptable in worship when they have been associated with idolatry interesting, since they line up well with the Puritans and Presbyterians. At times I have seen folks of an Anglican...
  2. F

    General Exhortations, Specificity & RPW

    In thinking through the RPW a friend of mine asked about how the RPW works with general exhortations for believers in worship. E.g., why does Hebrews 10:24-25 not mean that believers should encourage each other by having a chance to speak to each other during the worship service or through...
  3. F

    RPW Fulfilled in Jesus

    I was reading a set of articles from the gospel coalition, one from Ligon Duncan on the RPW, and another from Rory Shiner on the RPW. My questions are about Rory Shiner's position which states: It seems that Rory Shiner's position is that Jesus fulfils the RPW, not the church. I think this...
  4. JH

    (2) most blessed and succinct sermons on EP

    Blessings to all this coming Lord's Day — I thought after this evening in listening to a sermon by Reverend Gavin Beers that I would share it, as I found it to be one of the best audio recorded sermons covering the entirety of the subject in such a short period of time. I also wanted to share...