sovereignty of god

  1. G

    sovereign over disease

    Please help me understand God's power. Not sure why this ? nags at me but reading of George Washington I was struck that the infant & childhood mortality rates are radically lower here in the USA than when the Puritan's roamed here 200 years ago. Vaccinations etc... God is surely not more...
  2. aadebayo

    Theology Sovereignty Of God

    There are many verses in scripture, which proclaim that God is the sovereign ruler of the universe and that God’s sovereignty is one of His principal attributes. Before examining any of these texts, I first want us to understand what sovereignty means, so we can have a correct understanding of...
  3. ArminianOnceWas

    Free Will & The Sovereign God Within the Christmas Narrative

    As I prepare for Advent sermons, I am considering free-will vs the sovereignty of God within those narratives. I am aware that the topic is or ought to be elementary, however I thank God for the beauty found within His Word. Luke 1, the birth of John announced to Zacharias, the text makes clear...
  4. Matthew G. Bianco

    Controversial John Calvin quote

    I have seen people quote this from John Calvin to "prove" he taught that God is the author of sin. Perhaps the context of this quote would clear it up, or perhaps Calvin meant something anti-Calvinists won't allow him to mean. What do you guys think? "From this it is easy to conclude how...
  5. Matthew G. Bianco

    God's decrees: The whole "child rape" argument

    I have heard anti-Calvinists usually argue against Calvinism by quoting James White's response to a question "does God decree child rape" to which he responded "yes, otherwise it's a meaningless evil." Now, I have likewise heard Bob Enyart, an open-theist heretic, say that in order for God to...