16th and early 17th century Puritan history

Chas Brewer

Puritan Board Freshman
Does anyone on the Puritan bored know of any good resources on the Elizabethan Puritanism and Puritanism under James 1. Also any resources on the Church of England during that time. (I’ve read Nick Needham’s section on this era but I can’t find any other resources)


Staff member
Do you mean old or new? Old, Neal's History of the Puritans; Samuel Hopkins, The Puritans: or the church, court, and parliament of England during the reigns of Edward VI and Queen Elizabeth, though I've only used the first and that not to any great extent. New, anything by Patrick Collinson; his first great work was The Elizabethan Puritan Movement (1967). More recent I"m not any expert on.