2 New Titles from the Northampton Press

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Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
Friends, because of a generous donor, we have 2 new titles due here in early August.

“Primitive Theology: The Collected Primers of Dr. John H. Gerstner.” I published this book in 1996 under the Soli Deo Gloria imprint, and now have the permission from the Gerstner family to reprint it.

These are all the primers Dr. Gerstner wrote and that were published in his lifetime except for the very last one in this new edition, “A Primer on Abortion.” That was not in the first edition.

There are 12 primers in this book totaling 544 pages. There are primers on…


Biblical Inerrancy

The Deity of Christ


Free Will


Roman Catholicism

The Atonement


The Problem of Pleasure



This large book will retail for $45. It is offered to you for $30 plus $8 postage. Here is the link to order:


Our second offering is by the Puritan Thomas Cole. We previously published his book “Regeneration, Faith, and Repentance.” I am a huge fan of Thomas Cole and am excited to see his other book in print now.

This one is titled, “Christ Is the Christian’s Religion.” This 252 page hardback book is comprised of 7 sermons, all extolling the person and work of Christ.

  • Christ in Us the Hope of Glory
  • What It Is to Know God in Christ
  • Christ the Only Savior of His People from Sin
  • Christ the Great Redeemer of Body and Soul
  • Christ the Only Mediator of the New Covenant
  • Christ the Foundation of Our Adoption
  • The Necessity of Preaching Christ

This is a wonderful book about our dear Savior. I am quite excited for you to have it and dig deeply into this precious mine.

This book retails for $30, but it is offered to you for $21, plus $8 postage.

If you buy both books you save $6 on shipping. Here is the link to order:



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Thank you for your continued faithful labor! Much of your work has been of benefit to me and my family. I'll look forward to these as well.
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