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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Christopher Love (1618-1651) was a fiery and practical Puritan preacher. His works consist of some of the best written and preached biblical expositions in the English language.

All our eBooks for Christopher Love are at a 20% discount for the next few days. Take advantage of this sale and build up your summer reading list in order to spiritually grow in Christ for God's glory. It's nearly impossible to walk away from Love's works without being sanctified through the Spirit.

The Christian's Combat Against the Devil
Are you ready for battle? Is the devil just a figment of your imagination? In the evil day will you stand firm? Do you have on the whole armor of God? What is your strategy for spiritual warfare?

Heaven's Glory
What will heaven be like? Love's work is a masterful treatment of Colossians 3:4 showing the glory and happiness prepared for the elect in Christ. This work parallels Love's book, "Hell's Terror".

Christ's Ascension and Second Coming from Heaven
Are you ready for him to return from heaven? This wonderful work on eschatology by Christopher Love not only combats the impossibility of the 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth, but especially comforts believers in the immanent reality of Jesus' return from heaven.

A Christian's Directory
Every Christian needs spiritual direction in the basics of the Christian Life. Christopher Love masterfully applies 1 Cor. 7:30-31 and creates for us a "directory" to demonstrate how Christian should always walk, whether in joy, or in mourning, whether in prosperity, or in poverty. A very convicting read!

A Treatise on Hell's Terror
Jonathan Edwards said this was one of the best works he'd ever read on the doctrine of hell. I'd have to agree. After reading this works over the years, it is by far one of the top works on hell. Don't let this one pass you by.

The Hearer's Duty and Other Works
This rare set of works by Christopher Love covers hearing the sermon as God intended without distraction while you sit in church listening to the preacher. He also covers buying and selling goods as a Christian steward. It is one of his best works.

The Last Words and Letters of Christopher Love
Christopher Love's last words are eminently practical and highly spiritual. This work includes his last sermon ever preached on Job, and the non-before published "Vindication" of the charges that were laid against him before he was beheaded.

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