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    The distributor sent a new coupon for 20% off everything for two days on all printed books.

    Here are a few of the new books that came out over the past couple of months that the sale applies to:

    Delivered From All Our Sins – by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)

    What should a sinner first do in inquiring how to be rid of all his sins? Byfield (almost exhaustively) catalogs the Biblical sins which must be fully repented of during conversion before God. This is far different than the church pastor today who simply wants you to say the sinner’s prayer. Byfield stands in complete opposition to this, and shows, biblically, how repentance ought to be sought, and what should be repented of. What Christian or God-fearer would not want to be rid of all their sins through Christ?

    God With Us, and Other Works – by John Strickland (1601-1670)

    God always remains faithful to his church, and to his people. God is invincible, and makes his church to be invincible against her enemies, though sometimes the church may go through difficult trials. Strickland teaches us that as a church, and as individual Christians, God is with us.

    God’s Covenant and Our Duty, By Samuel Willard (1640-1707)

    God requires his covenanted people to be covenant keepers, not covenant breakers. That means we are obliged to keep covenant duties while in God’s covenant of grace. It’s not enough to simply say Jesus did it all for me, and then neglect his commands. Christians are bound to keep covenant with God and to use the covenant promises given to them in Scripture for the furthering of their sanctification.

    God’s Voice from His Throne of Glory – by John Carter (d. 1655)

    One of the most confusing passages in the Old Testament is Ezekiel 1 concerning, “the wheels.” John Carter has penned a masterful exposition on this text, as well as a practical application of how God’s
    providence oversees the movements of all things everywhere. When the Christian asks “What is God’s will for my life?” Carter points them to Ezekiel 1. This is a Spirit-filled puritan work that will point you to the glory of Jesus Christ.

    God’s Afflicting Providence, and Other Works – by Francis Roberts (1609-1675)

    This is the first publication of Francis Roberts ever to be placed in print since Robert’s time. It will certainly not be the last. It is impossible to say that this book is worth the cost of just one of these three sections alone since all three are so powerful and helpful that the Christian will not walk away from them unchanged. Roberts is a “must-read” puritan and these works are examples of some of his best writings. Topics covered are God’s providence, broken-heartedness for sin, and the manner in which Christians live in both life and death.

    Reasonable Christianity – by Henry Hammond (1605-1660)

    Are you ready to defend your faith? How prepared are you if someone asked you to give a reasonable defense of the Christian faith which would “silence the gainsayer?” Henry Hammond was one of the most popular puritans of his day and wrote voluminously on a variety of topics – especially on defending the faith. Christianity is not irrational and does not rest on blind faith. Study along with Hammond to discover why.

    Ripe for Damnation: Sermons on the Book of Revelation – by Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758)

    Are you hungry for more of Edwards’ sermons? On the book of Revelation? These new works are not found anywhere on A Puritan’s Mind, and there are new ones not found in his large 2 volume works. 4 deal with the plight of the wicked, and 2 deal with the bliss of saints in heaven. These sermons are powerful, practical, and biblical, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Love of God by Peter Du Moulin (1601-1684)

    If you are a Christian, a true born again Christian, then God has set his love on you. As a result of being renewed by this principle of love, how much do you love God back? God loved you in Christ even though you were filthy, vile and disgusting in your depravity. God is always glorious, holy and most excellent. How much do we love him today more than yesterday? Du Moulin’s masterful work teaches us about God’s love to us, and our love in return to him. Its a Puritan gem!

    The Natural Man Directed to Jesus Christ – by Francis Roberts (1609-1675)

    Robert’s work is one of the greatest pieces of puritan sermonizing on original sin, depravity and conversion. If you are aware of Alleine’s “An Alarm to the Unconverted,” you will find Robert’s masterpiece even more convincing and powerful. This is the book to not only read and reread yourself, but also to hand out to family members and friends who still remain in their natural state. It is exquisite puritan evangelism at its best.

    The Precious Seeds of Reformation – by Humphrey Hardwicke (n.d.)

    How willing are you to be used of God for the work of Reformation? Is reforming the church precious to you? Such work is hard, and often in the midst of being hated and ridiculed, even by complacent Christians in the church. In this rare puritan work, Hardwicke explains how our sowing in tears will ultimately, in God’s timing, be filled with reaping in joy. We are not to live in doubt of God’s work of providence for the good of his people!

    The Saint’s Communion With God – by William Strong, A.M. (d. 1654)

    How close are you to Jesus Christ? Do you have a communion with God that you would say is “very near?” Does God “seem” near to you? What is God’s aim in having communion “with you?” This extraordinary work by Westminster Divine, William Strong, is something you might never hear preached in today’s pulpits. It may be the greatest work on “union with Christ in his ordinances” that was ever written. It is a puritan gem not to be missed.

    Go to Puritan Publications online for these and other books on sale. Check the coupon to use the code...

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