2022 PB College Football Pick-Em Bowl Bash

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Well, never underestimate USC's capability of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I am now incapable of winning the Bash. The Bash Championship is now between Edward and Ed. Put simply, if Georgia wins, Ed wins the Bash. If TCU wins, Edward wins the Bash. Either way, the victory will Eddy around.
Gentlemen, there is a potential issue that I would like people's opinion about. The way I am currently thinking about the championship game is something like this: based on earlier precedent about tie-breaking games, if both people guess the wrong winner, then the tie-breaker goes back to first entry. In this case, however, there is an added element that Edm guessed the correct teams that are in the game, whereas Edward only has one of them correct. The current tie-breaker that I put in place does not account for this situation. On the one hand, if TCU wins, Edward has the earlier entry. On the other hand, if TCU wins, Edm would have guessed the correct teams to be in the championship game. Forgive me brothers for not having taken this scenario into account. In your opinion, which should weigh higher, first entry, or correct teams in the championship game? Obviously, if Georgia wins, the point is moot, since Edm wins outright. If correct teams were to weigh higher, then Edm has already won. I am a bit more inclined at the moment to go with first entry, just because that makes it more interesting.
My vote is to keep it as is. No fun in ending it early. Let’s take it to the final game.
Thank you gentlemen, final game it is. I just want to make sure folks believe this thing was fair. It is supposed to be pure fun and entertainment, after all.
Not that my two cents are wanted, but in my opinion, Ed (rather than Edward) should win either way.

He alone has the championship participants correct. If Georgia wins, the case is clear. Ed wins no matter what the score. If TCU wins, both got the winner incorrect. I really don't think it's sensible to have the first entry as the tiebreak when there is only one person who got the finalists correctly chosen.
I'm cheering for the Dawgs, but I'm concerned that "they" are going to give the game to TCU as the more compelling media story. Upstart school from a third tier conference knocks of the reigning national champion.
TCU is sort of an air raid school. GA demolished Mississippi State when we played air raid against them this year. However, TCU is playing for a NC and actually runs also. And GA just about got beat last week. Has potential for a good game….or a blowout.
Georgia is in the championship game simply because Ohio State whiffed a makeable field goal.

TCU, however, trashed the team (Michigan) that actually bested Ohio St.

I think UGA is in for a long night!
Ed is the clear and undisputed winner. Congrats Ed! Here is the final tally (if my counting is correct):

Ed 40
Lane 35
Edward 34
Earl 30
Ben 30
Todd 29
Jason F 26
I told my wife that me winning is the perfect example of the broken clock being right twice a day saying. I always enjoy this challenge every year, however as I told Lane in a message, I am nowhere near smart enough to do what y’all do with the choices and scoring. If I have a say I’d like to see it continue with Lane and Todd running this.
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