2022 PB College Football Pick'em Rules and Regs

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All my fellow college football-loving peeps, the rules will be very similar to Todd's rules last year, with a few differences, listed below. Anything not mentioned here may be assumed to be the same as Todd's rules last year.

I am going with a thirteen game slate this year, except for week 0 (which will be all eleven August 27 games), obviously. PLEASE NOTE: Week 1 (9/1-9/3) will have THURSDAY GAMES in the slate. I will try to make it obvious when we have such early games in the slate. The Army-Navy game will be included in the rivalry week of the previous week. Also, the slate for rivalry weekend might be expanded in terms of the number of games.

I am changing the tie-breaking procedure to something a bit easier for my brain to work out. It will go according to the following rules in order: 1. Winning team; 2. Closest winning team's score (being above or below makes no difference); 3. Closest losing team's score (ditto to 2); 4. Earliest entry. The tie-breaking game will typically be the one forecast to be the closest game in the entire slate, according to my ESPN app, which is the main app I will be using.

I will be focusing a bit more attention on power-5 conference games with the following exception: if any of you have particular teams from non-power 5 conferences you would like to see regularly in the lineup, please let me know what they are ahead of time, or as the season progresses. I would like to tailor the picks to include teams you all like. As for the power-5 teams, I will try to make sure they are all included at least once during the season. And if Tennessee, TCU, Louisville, Minnesota, and Southern Cal get extra attention, well, you can hardly blame me.

All times are central USA times. Here comes some college football! Kaboom!
My daughter goes to Montana State University. Montana and Montana State are both highly ranked teams in their conference and it’s a good rivalry between the two schools. I’d be much obliged if you would kindly include that game when the time comes.
If I told you I went to Mississippi State, it would pose a dilemma for me because I would “ using my head” have to pick their opponent, however my loyalty would say pick State.
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