2023 College Football Pick-em BOWL BASH

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Head-to-head weekly matchups like they do in normal fantasy football. Your picks go head-to-head against other players according to a schedule for a W-L-T record
On second thought, head-to-head won't work because (unless we made all the picks secret, which is no fun) the second person picking could just look at his opponent's picks and make a single safe change. Instead, we could all pick against everyone else as usual, give the median score a tie, a win to everyone with more (and a bonus to the flaming Scotsman), and a loss to everyone with less.

I'm also inclined to treat the non-playoff bowl games as extended regular season weeks since they're basically all junk these days and much more luck is involved with star players and transfers sitting them out.

But we COULD pick head-to-head in the playoffs, treating the privilege of picking first or second as a reward for finishing higher in the regular season, kind of like the college overtime choice to go on defense first or a homefield advantage.
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My own personal opinion is:
(1) the traditional way of doing the weekly matchups has worked well for years. Perhaps just include more games to draw focus from the tie-breaker game. And then whatever particular method one chooses to do the tiebreaker becomes less relevant because we’ll less frequently rely on it to determine a weekly winner.
(2) starting in 2024 we’ll be charting in new territory thanks to the new bracket model employed for the BCS championship… this will afford an opportunity to try a new model - and it’s here that I would suggest Dan really think things through so as to make his mark.
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