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I don't remember the exact date the first issue hit, but 2020 marks thirty-two years that Naphtali Press books have been coming off the press. Since I did not have Durham on Scandal ready I decided to start a serial (quarterly for three years and then an annual for two years before ending it) called An Anthology of Presbyterian and Reformed Literature. I finally had Durham ready in 1990 and 30 years ago late April or a bit earlier don't recall, copies were available. Those first efforts were a little rough by comparison to the titles that have been coming out in the last ten years, but it was a learning experience. A long learning experience. I didn't publish something every year; there were long gaps, but I was always dabbling and working on some project, some like Bownd's True Doctrine of the Sabbath and the Westminster Assembly's Grand Debate began in the early 1990s and didn't see print until 2014-2015.


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Chris, what inspired you to begin this? Why did you pick Durham on Scandal as your first project?
A friend I met right after getting out of college December 1982, who had a large hand to bringing me to a Reformed pov, was doing a little publishing and had also got me on David C. Lachman's mail list for his Antiquarian book offerings. Durham on Scandal was on the first list from Autumn of 1983 that I received and I bought it. This work probably saved me from a path many I know went down, of separatism, and fairly or unfairly put, "looking for a perfect church." It struck me as I read and read others analysis of Durham, that this needed to be in print. So I started working on it, eventually roping in Dr. Lachman to help me out. I have a FB post on the origins of Naphtali Press which you should be able to pull up as a FB friend: https://www.facebook.com/notes/chri...ginnings-of-naphtali-press/10203813733721621/
Chris, what inspired you to begin this? Why did you pick Durham on Scandal as your first project?
Chris, what inspired you to begin this? Why did you pick Durham on Scandal as your first project?
Clearly I became enamored with Durham, having now after thirty-two years, come close to having issued new editions of all his works, once Durham on Revelation is completed, save one, the lectures on Song of Solomon. My discovery of 228 manuscript sermons on Canticles has spoiled my certain plans of what to do about that as it would be nice to work on both in conjunction to compare. I don't think I have it in me or in my resources to bring 228 manuscript sermons to print.
I hope you can find a way! I would so love to see Durham on Song of Songs come to print. Could you assemble a team for a big push toward it?
Chris, congratulations, I remember years ago in conversation with Pastor A. N. Martin in the course of discussing books, he made the blunt remark, "Ah NahtaliPress, now those folks know how to bind books! And they use great paper!" LOL
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