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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

5 Marks of Biblical Reformation by C. Matthew McMahon

Everybody loves to claim the magisterial reformation for their own! Everyone wants to be a reformer in that way. But take God’s principles of a Biblical Reformation and apply them to the church in practical daily living, then that’s a different story all together.

How many ministers have you met who are sowing reformation in their churches in tears? In our day, the current temperature of the Evangelical church has been watered down by shallow, non-doctrinal preaching that tickles the ears and woos people into the pews. Churches are filled with emotionally charged seeker sensitive services, catering to jingles and emotional feel-good “worship” that eradicates true worship and exalts feeling good over glorifying Christ. People attend churches based on criteria surrounding whether or not the foyer’s coffee shop serves hot lattes, how short the service is on Sunday so they can get home to mowing the lawn, or whether they can conveniently go to a thirty-minute Saturday night service and disregard the Lord’s Day all-together. Is this biblical reformation? Not at all. It’s quite the opposite. So, what are the marks of true biblical reformation? Do you know what they are? Are you set on fire through the unction and power of the Spirit of God and his word to reap something spiritually beneficial, heartily reformed yet laced with Christian joy? Are you on fire for Biblical Reformation before God for the glory of Jesus Christ?

Table of Contents
Introduction to Reforming
Mark 1: Spiritual Growth in Biblical Reformation
Mark 2: Guarding the Heart and True Biblical Reform
Mark 3: Rejecting Partial Reformation as Sin and a Full Offense to God
Mark 4: Reformation and Prayer
Mark 5: The Spirit in Biblical Reformation
Appendix: I want to be Reformed!

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