A 2nd Commandment question

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Joseph Scibbe

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I had a question about the 2nd Commandment and that is this: If a picture of Jesus is outlawed under 2nd Comandment laws which states "You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.", how then can one reconcile the bobble-heads of Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, or Mohler?



Schaeffer deals with this question in his excellent little booklet Art & The Bible he points to the God's commands in Deuteronomy and Numbers as an explanation. God commanded the Israelites to make figures of oxen, (BibleGateway.com - PassageLookup: 1 Kings 7:25; 2 Chronicles 4:4; Jeremiah 52:20) pomegranates, (BibleGateway.com - PassageLookup: Exodus 28:33,34;39:24 BibleGateway.com - PassageLookup: 1 Kings 7:18,20,42; Jeremiah 52:22,23) plants, and many other living things (BibleGateway.com - PassageLookup: 1 Kings 6:18,29,32,35; Psalms 74:6)
(BibleGateway.com - PassageLookup: Exodus 25:33,34;37:19,20) when constructing the tabernacle. Clearly we are not to ever picture God, but picturing other living things (as long as we do not fall into worship) is encouraged in Scripture.
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