A Christian view of fastfood working

Discussion in 'Apologetical Methods' started by Puritan Sailor, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Bandguy

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    I don't mean to be rude, but are you a fan of Joel Osteen by any chance? Or do you not acknowledge that sometimes God's predestinating purposes sometimes puts us in situations that might not make us exactly happy. I am quite sure Isaiah was not too thrilled to know that he would preach God's Word to his people and that the end result would be them hearing, but never hearing and ultimately God's judgment would reighn down on his countrymen and only a remnant would remain. I am quite sure, however, that just as God told Paul, that His grace was sufficient for him. For some, I am sure that God has willed to live very comfortable lives like we do in America (even our poor relative to the rest of the world). For some, I am sure that God has willed that they live very uncomfortable lives in persecution as did much of the early Church and as does many Christians today living outside of the United States. When Paul was in prison, I don't read where he tried to better himself. I read where he learned about the grace of God bringing contentment, joy, and opportunities to preach the Word. I have no doubt that prison was not Paul's favorite place in the world, but it certainly was where God wanted him at that time.
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  3. Andrew P.C.

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    Lol, that is pretty sick. I would have done something a little more gentle.


    Bill is correct though.
  4. Bandguy

    Bandguy Puritan Board Sophomore

    Of course not. I believe I was responding directly to Trevor's statement about being predestined to certain things in life. Of course Paul did what he could to not be in prison. Once he was there, however, I don't believe we saw him moaning about it or fighting it. He was praising God and witnessing while he was there. He was content with his plight. There are those in this world, and even in this country, who will never have the opportunity to better themselves like many of us have and they should be content with where they are in life.
  5. JKLeoPCA

    JKLeoPCA Puritan Board Freshman

    Vocation, is your calling (vocal). They have elements to look for though. Something(s) you want to do, married to the abilities God has blessed you with, confirmed by those around you and those already in that field. I could never say I am called to be an astronaut, because I have not the care or aptitude for the job, no matter how much I might like the idea of space travel. The dreamer imagines himself to be something he will not aspire to put effort towards, where the opposite person has his mind on where he is, and what he is doing, and makes every effort towards that which is calling him.

    Within God’s providence, we may be content to suffer in some job to make ends meet, and yet still pray and search out other means by which God may use us. I can, and to a point do, suffer at my current job, and yet I have not, in a stoic manner, surrendered that this must be all that God has for me. I have a calling to strive past this job, as being content to consider this current job only a stepping stone. Still God can make use of anyone in any station in life. He made use of kings, fishermen, and tax collectors.

    I would still liek to reiterate that our imaginary friend is not, nor should not be viewed in his job, as all alone. There should be a church full of elders and deacons and people praying for and helping him to reach towards that for which he is called.

  6. BJClark

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    My point wasn't that they don't continue to look for something else, but that they learn to be content where they are until God takes them elsewhere.

    I have worked jobs I didn't like...but learned to be content there, even while looking for something else...making the best of where God placed me at that time, and even though I hated the work, because of my attitude and appreciation of even HAVING the job...God blessed that with friends at that company, and a good reference to my future employer.

    I have also worked with many people who have hated their jobs and grumbled the entire time...they looked and looked and looked and ended up getting fired. Some called themselves Christians, never learning to be content where God placed them for that season of their life...the longer they stayed and LOOKED for something else without finding anything...the more frustrated they became, and the more they grumbled, which in turn caused them to get get fired...so they had no job in which to support their families.

    God provides our job, no matter WHERE it's at, and if we do not learn to appreciate it and be content with where God has us (even a dead end job we HATE)...He can certainly TAKE the job away, where we have nothing at all.

    So even if you don't like a job, you make the best of it...while your there.
  7. Pergamum

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    I do like Joel Osteen's smile :D I just wish it would stop there and he wouldn't open his mouth....

    Paul DID try to better himself while in prison, That is what the business was all about when he sent for his coat and his parchments.

    Paul tried to better himself in persecution too, that is why he appealed with his Roman citizenship.

    Paul worked as a tentmaker, prayed for doors to open and also appealed for funds to help the poor Jerusalem church.

    How does god "take people elsewhere"? God takes people to other jobs by use of that persons desires and his feet. Again, a passivity waiting for God to act negates the means through which God gives you to act - i.e. your will, desires, feet, work ethic, etc.
  8. BJClark

    BJClark Puritan Board Doctor


    I agree, but their still needs to be a contentment where they are WHILE they are there...

    Sometimes God promotes them from the position they are in--a perfect example would be Joseph, he even went to prison, he learned to be content while in prison, and God promoted him up as a slave, many years later God promoted him up to second in command after Pharoah. He didn't go out looking for anything else (he couldn't), he just told someone who was leaving jail to remember him when the time comes...

    But I don't know why people assume working at a fast food place flipping burgers is a dead end job, I know two people personally who started out working at the bottom of such companies. God promoted them up the ranks of the company...they started out flipping burgers, promoted up to assistant manager, then shift managers, then store managers now they are regional managers. It's certainly not what they envisioned their careers being, but both of them love the path their careers have taken them.

    So nobody is saying...not to take advantage of various opportunities while working some where...were just saying...learn to be content while they are there. It may be two, three or four years before they move up or on to something else.

    As I sit here and write this, I am reminded of my daughter and two of her friends, they are seniors in high school and have worked in a daycare as teachers assistants for the past two years...they are the one's who are called upon to clean up after the babies, change dirty diapers, and doing what they consider the 'icky' work...one of the girls began complaining about being called on ALL the time to do the icky work and the teachers NEVER doing it..that negative attitude soon spread to my daughter and the other young lady, to the point my daughter was ready to quit, something she really loves doing..all because she didn't like one aspect of the job.

    That one aspect of the job became the main focus of discontent for all three of these young ladies. My daughter would come home complaining and grumbling about the one aspect of the job, and how she was ready to quit...All of them spoke to their parents--one of the girls mothers told her "if she hates it that much then quit" (she quit) the other girls parents told her "stay and stick it out" (she quit anyway).

    I sat down with my daughter and asked "is that all you do; change stinky diapers?" She was like "well, no" I said okay, what else do you do? And she began listing all the things she does--and she began seeing all the things she absolutely LOVES about her job and why she wanted to work there to begin with. It took her focus off the negative, and put it on the positive.

    She had gone to another daycare with one of the other girls to get an application, didn't even fill out the application but was offered a job, to her horror they called her current employer to give my daughter a message asking her to start that afternoon. (her employer didn't even know she was thinking about quitting). She called me from school in tears asking what she should do, I said go to your supervisor and talk to her, be honest about what was going on. Her boss was understanding, and told her take the weekend and think about it, and let her know the following week what she would like to do. That afternoon she talked to one of the teachers she worked with, and that weekend she and I talked some more about it...she went back in the following Monday and talked to the boss, and let her know...She doesn't want to quit, she wanted to stay. She stopped focusing on the negative and began enjoying things again.

    Both the young ladies who quit, wish they could come back, because they miss it, one of them has gone back to the boss and apologized for quiting so abruptly and leaving her in a lurch trying to find replacements, and let her know she realizes she messed up leaving just because she was frustrated. And said, she realizes she can't come back as an employee but could she come back and volunteer her time a couple days a week after school, to which she said she could. In turn she gets volunteer hours that she can put on job applications, as well as future college applications.

    The other young lady, is standing in her pride, and discontentment, even while she wishes she could go back and is blaming everyone else for her not being able to even volunteer her time, both my daughter and the other young lady...have pretty much stopped associating with this other young lady. They realize her negativitiy was being fed to them, and they don't like it.

    They realized it wasn't just effecting their work environment, but other aspects of their lives, like school, and other friendships.

    They are learning negativity and discontentment from one person can breed negativity and discontentment in others, and are both removing themselves as far away from it as possible, which is truly an awesome lesson for them to learn as teenagers.
  9. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

    Good example Bobbi. A fine post. I agree.
  10. gwine

    gwine Puritan Board Sophomore

    Sometimes a door is just a door. Just because another job comes along it doesn't mean God wants you to step on through.

    OTOH, maybe going through one door leads to another one through which God wants you to go.
  11. Staphlobob

    Staphlobob Puritan Board Sophomore

    In reality such a response has some very significant logic behind it. Teleologically speaking, if there is no God or afterlife, then it really doesn't matter if we stick someone's face in hot grease or not. After all, life would be completely meaningless. We die, and that's it. Because there's nothing that comes afterward, nothing beforehand matters.

    I think it's important to let atheists know that, according to their own eschatology, they can raise their children to be good citizens (if they wish). Or they can raise them to be a good source of protein. In the end it really doesn't matter.

    Universalists suffer the same fate. If Hitler is at the heavenly banquet yukking it up with the 6 million Jews he killed, then it's best to kill as many as we can and send them all to heaven. Abortion is already in place, so let's take a Bowie knife to the neonatal unit and get to work sending souls to heaven. And if people object, then we make sure we kill ourselves before the police can get to us.

    The fact is, even Sartre denied his own atheistic existentialism just before he died, claiming he couldn't shake the idea of some kind of destiny. (Simone De Bouvier was pretty upset with him for this.) And I think it was Camus (an absurdist?) who, after contemplating existence without God, said "The only significant question is whether or not to commit suicide." He was right.

    So, while Christians certainly may not stick someone's face in hot grease, it's perfectly alright for an atheist or universalist to do so.
  12. Theoretical

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