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Puritan Board Freshman
Throughout my studies I notice some interesting things. Let me explain.

I was born into a Roman catholic family, and believed in this for about 15 years or so. When I was about 19 or 20 I was introduced to a Methodist Church (obviously Arminian) and continued there for about twenty years, it was also a bit Charismatic.
For the last 7 years I have been among and believe in the reformed faith, a five point Calvinist, for the purpose of distinction. I genuinely believe it is scriptural and thank God for opening my eyes to the doctrines of grace, I know if left to my self I never would have.

Now here is the interesting part I have seen throughout the past seven years, I always noticed it to one degree or another, but lately I have been thinking more on it. That is that Arminian theology is not much different then Roman Catholic theology. I do not mean traditions and certain practices, but the theology.

For example, RC's believe in Saved by faith + works, Arminians believe in saved by faith alone, but, it is plain to see (though they don't seem to notice, and surely wont admit to it), They teach it is up to man also, that God and man work together for salvation, man can either accept or reject Christ, by their free will, God is a gentleman and will not do anything against their will. And of course, they can finally turn their back on Christ and loose this salvation. So it is also a man centered theology.

Roman Catholics claim one has to remain in the Church and take the sacraments (Transubstantiation, ect. ), salvation is in the RCC only, (of course lately I heard the Pope says otherwise, that salvation is outside the church as well today, which is a contradiction of other infallible Popes.)
But Arminians (not all) believe they have to keep the faith, keep working out their salvation.

This is one place the Reformed faith stands alone. Where Arminian and Roman Catholicism is so closely related. It just seems like another road to Rome to me.

There are many other areas where it is the same also.
For example, context. Roman Catholics believe that the Church can only interpret and teach scripture and it is not the final rule, where Arminians seen to not follow context very well, I am sure there are some exceptions. But when they are cornered by context, they seem to ignore it.

I do not mean to bash either RC's or Arminians, but I can t help to notice more and more each day.

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