A crescendo of lament

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Brian Najapfour has gathered John Knox's prayers out of the collected works into a handy little volume. There is much in them that is interesting and profitable. Very intriguing and illuminating is the final member of this recollection of the elements of a miserable estate:

"Thanksgiving for Our Deliverance, with Prayers"

...we ought not nor cannot forget, O Lord, in how miserable estate stood this poor country and we the just inhabitants of the same not many days past, when idolatry was maintained; when cruel strangers did tyrannize; when virgins were deflowered, matrons corrupted, men's wives violently and villainously oppressed, the blood of innocents shed without mercy; and finally, when the unjust commandments of proud despots were obeyed as a law.
Brian Najapfour, ed., The Collected Prayers of John Knox (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2019), 29 [citing Andrew Laing, ed., Works of John Knox 2:84-87]
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