A Dedicated Student for the Ministry

Phil D.

ὁ βαπτιστὴς
From a eulogy of Joseph Muenscher (1798-1884), an evangelical Episcopalian minister and educator.​
There is one fact in his history which may possibly be of some interest and encouragement to young men who are desirous of studying for the Ministry, but are deterred from doing so by the difficulties attending the acquirement of the requisite education. It is that during the whole period of his preparation for the Ministry, he supported himself entirely by his labors as an organist and teacher of music. During the five years or more that he spent at Andover in the Academy and Seminary he walked to Salem, 20 miles, every Saturday afternoon, played the organ in a church on Sunday, and walked back to Andover on Monday morning in time for his recitations. During his four years in College he walked four miles and back every Sunday on the same duty.​