A New Beginning, A New Name

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Church of the Third Resurrection? Oh, wait that was taken in some movie.

Actually it was the Church of the Third Revelation in, "There Will be Blood."

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Pick your favorite four from this discussion, and any other thoughts that may have developed, and make poll. We can't resist polls.



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Charles Spurgeon Rules Faces Baptist Church.

Or, if you want to be borning, Spurgeon Baptist Church.


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Reformed Anti-Dispensational Post-Millenial Covanent Semi-Thenomic Contra-Roman Associate Immersion Credo-Baptist Church




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Just my opinion,

I'd go with Grace Baptist Church.

It describe's pretty much what you teach and believe all in the name.


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I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet: if you wanted to really stand out you could always use, the almost-unprecedented, Anathema Baptist Church!


I would prefer you change "Baptist" to "Presbyterian", but that's just me. :p

Alternatively, you could name it the Grace Community Fellowship of Living Waters, Church of the Apostle Osteen, Inc.

Yeah, I think we will.....NOT!!! :rolleyes:

I would leave Baptist in the name as well. I like Grace Baptist Church. Sort of has a ring to it.

Hmmm...I wonder why...hmmm...what could be the reason.....hmmm...:p

Grace Community Church (hey you might pick up some MacArthur devotees)

Nothing wrong with that!!...In my humble opinion.

"FBC" is a non-starter.

Excuse my hard head...but why?

"Living Waters" sounds about 90% likely to be charismatic.

Yes, I'm coming to realize that. Defeats our purpose of changing the name.

If you want to really shake up the folks, how about "Westboro Baptist Church" or "Trinity United Church of Christ"???

Hmmm...funny, but not funny. But, yeah, that would shake up some people, especially the last one. Regardless of it being the name of Obama's old church, my members would kick me to the curb if I attempted to bring them into the UCC...and rightfully so!

Trinity Baptist Church isn't bad though.


I would like to see a name that is a little more informative. I would suggest:

The Independent Baptist with mature Pastor (not some young non-creedal upstart), Totally Immersing with reformed leanings, God-Centered, Authority of Scripture, Trinitarian, God is Sovereign in Salvation having a Minister of Music who brings modern praise, traditional hymns and gospel music to Worship and an Annual VBS and exciting water gun fight, Church of Poplar Grove.

Ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winn.....awww, not so much!! :lol:

Of course you'll have to give up one of your 6 acres for the sign but I think it will be worth it.

Well, that's just it. We need to pay for a building, not a sign! :p

Of course, if the sign was in neon...hmmmm.....


It seems like branding depends on what you are trying to do. Are you hoping to get in a lot of unsuspecting visitors? Grace Baptist or Poplar Grove Baptist seem good choices for that.

I agree, it does depend on what we want to do. I think most people who come to a church are basically unsuspecting. Frankly, a lot of them don't have a clue as to why they have come to a church, but that's okay...I can help them with that.

Are you trying to get people to look at it who normally might just pass right over? Trinity Baptist or Covenant Baptist or Pactum salutis Baptist would do the job there.

I'm not sure that Trinity or Covenant will turn too many heads, but Pactum salutis would do the trick! Actually I like it, but it ain't ever gonna happen!!

I've never liked "community". All churches are located in a community. It's like someone feels that the church name must have at least three words in it, but don't want to give anything away.

I'm not feeling much love for the community thing anymore! LOL You're right. We're Baptists and Baptists we will be!


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Just don't engage in false advertising (e.g., Grace Baptist Church). Give me a break! These are Baptist churches. Hello! Go for something honest. How about . . .

Fighting Mad Baptist Church
Bravado Baptists
Don't Be Left Behind Baptist Church
Bedside Baptists
Backrow Baptist
Behind the Times Baptist
Independent Baptist (oops, sorry, that is a bit of a tautology)
Harmony Baptist (oops, sorry, that one is oxymoronic)
Galatian Baptist Church
First Corinthian Baptist Church

Or, you could just do what some of the congregations do in my BAPTIST fellowship do. These are just a few of our congregations in the Southwest(actual names!!!) . . .

One in Christ Church
The Journey of Flagstaff
New Song Church
Community Church
Living Waters Community Church
Anchor of Hope
Shepherd of the Hills
New Hope House of the Living God
Oasis Community Church
Catalina Church of Midtown
Living Hope Fellowship
Praise Community Fellowship
Life Christian Fellowship
Crossroads Community Church
North Point Christian Fellowship
Agape Prayer Fellowship
Good Neighbor Church
Graceland Community Church
Park Christian Fellowship - it was First Baptist when I was associate pastor there
Light on the Corner - it was First Baptist when I was their pastor for seven years
Heritage Valley Christian Fellowship
Centerpoint Church
Rock Harbor Christian Fellowship
New Hope Community Church
The Carpenter's House
Grace Harbor Church
High Desert Church - when it was First Baptist they had 150 members; now they have 6,000-7,000 per weekend!
Beachpoint Church
New Joy Community Church


Okay, serious now. I'm with you on Church vs. Fellowship - I don't like "Fellowship" at all - its like the leadership is trying to avoid being a "church" to those who don't "do church" - and I have no patience for that kind of namby-pamby-ism.

I *do* think Baptist should be left in - the move away from particularizing the name of one's church according to distinctives Baptist, Presbyterian, etc., I also don't like much.

Grace Baptist Church is nice sounding, but there are at least a dozen in Illinois alone. (and that's only the first 2 pages of Google)

Agree...agree...agree...Grace Baptist is a nice name, but on second thought it doesn't accomplish what we are aiming for.

Some argue that a place name in the church name is a good thing - one of the difficulties is that to call a church "Poplar Grove Baptist Church" steps on toes ofother baptist congregations in Poplar Grove.

Well, we are the only Baptist church in Poplar Grove and we most likely will always be the only one.

How about:

New Life Baptist Church (perhaps too many identifications with 'New Life' OPC and PCA churches?)

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church (a different twist)

Sovereign Redeemer Baptist Church

Living Word Baptist Church

? Naming churches is hard. ;)

Yes, it is difficult. Regarding New Life, we have a number pf churches in the area with that name and they are extreme charismatic.

Sovereign...well, I agree with the word...I love the word...but I think it may carry some baggage that some of our members aren't willing to carry. I have taken a basically charismatic church and taken it to the brink of becoming a Reformed (you know what I mean) Baptist church. We have come a very long way in a very short period of time. Stay the course, but navigate the river.

Living Word isn't bad though. I really want a name that reflects our change, our new begining and is biblical.


Harmony Baptist (oops, sorry, that one is oxymoronic)

Careful with that one. It's the name of the church of one of our PB members!

Or, you could just do what some of the congregations do in my BAPTIST fellowship do. These are just a few of our congregations in the Southwest(actual names!!!) . . .

Yeah, don't show that list to my associate. Here's come up with some really weird names, but his favorite is Club Elect.


I'VE GOT IT IVAN! Your avatar is the key. Don't call your church anything, just put Albert's picture on the sign. Everyone will want to come then.
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