A new children's series from the Beeke's on the fruits of the Spirit, including a video conversation.

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"My dad originally said to me as a boy that when God saves someone, He puts into their heart the three jewels of faith, hope, and love, so we thought it was really important to do a series of books for young children on these three jewels—some of the basic fruits of salvation. This was important because very few books focus on a child’s need to be saved." - Joel R. Beeke

In this interview, we sat down with Joel and Mary Beeke to discuss their new set of books, "God and Me." In "God and Me," the Beeke's expound the fruits of the Spirit, faith, hope, and love in a way that relates to situations our children find themselves in a typical day.

Caleb and Sophie are your average kids—curious about their world, taught about the character and expectations of God, and wanting to be faithful in what they do.

In each of these books, the concepts of faith, hope, love, and love for others are distilled down to simple forms and then introduced in ways a child will understand – conversation, prayer, actions, and thoughts. Sophie and Caleb react in ways that you would expect in a child – with simple faith and the sort of fruit of the Spirit you expect in young children.