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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
I've been updating the Puritans online at APM with information and links to EEBO. (Not everyone will read the EEBO books because of the format, and old English, but it is still a solid resource for anyone who likes to dig around and read the old, old books.)

Also, I've added many new portraits to those who have them available, and I've made sure that they have biographical information. (Some of them just don't have any biographical info at all though they may have a number of works.)

The Puritan Section at APM now has a number of newer entries guys, and many of the old guys updated. They are not all "necessarily" puritans, but this is the "bio" area of the site, so, they went there anyway.

(I'm going to make another section of the site, I think, for many of the earlier Reformers, but haven't hit that just yet.)

I actually own a number of works for some of these fellows that are not anywhere on the internet. They will be at a later time updated and printed, Lord willing, which is why you may see some works listed that have no other place on the internet (i.e. I hand-wrote all their titles out from the works I have).

All of the Westminster Puritans are online here, with bio info, links to EEBO and GB or IA and any portraits.
I have a few other puritans and divines that I am still going to gather up, (William Mewe, Thomas Cobbett, Thomas Horton, Stephen Ford, etc.) and post them as I am able.

(Anyone you see at APM that has their name then (n.d.) simply means "no date." They did not have enough information for any dates next to their name.)

Here are a few examples of the over 250+ guys online...
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