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There is a show I found on YouTube called Victorian Farm. It takes place at a living history museum. In it a historian, and 2 archaeologists wear the clothes, use the tools and technology, and live the way people at the time lived. The show is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed watching it.

There are a number of other shows like it, set in different places and times. One is Tales of the Green Valley, which takes place in the 1620's,

There is also a Edwardian Farm, a Wartime Farm (Britain in World War II), https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=absolute+history+wartime+farm+ep+1

Tudor Monastery Farm
and a Victorian Pharmacy. Some of the shows have Christmas episodes as well.
Secrets of the Castle.

I learned a lot.
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Wow, thanks Diane! That may prove to be real helpful whenever I get back to writing my fictional biography of D.H. Hill, who lived during the civil war days. I had a tough time trying to find literature which described mundane every-day details of a Victorian person's life (like what they called things; the daily things they used in their everyday life much like we would use a coffee-pot, microwave, washer and dryer, etc.); I actually found personal letters written during that time to be most helpful.
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