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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

Remembering Your Creator by Matthew Mead (Meade) (1630-1699)

Matthew Mead (Meade) (1630-1699) was an independent puritan divine, and popular reformed preacher and morning lecturer at Stepney Church (London).

In this work, Mead sets down the sincere choosing of God which should result in closing with Christ and being genuinely converted. His text is Ecclesiastes 12:1, “Remember your Creator now in the days of your youth.” He directed the sermons to the youth of the church, but they are by no means linked only to them, and will make older sinners blush as well as younger ones.

He explains that the two great duties of the Christian life are to cease to do evil, and to learn to do well. No man can be good that does not cease to be evil. In the words of the preacher from Ecclesiastes, he shows that this exhortation is to take up a very concerning duty, backed with a threefold argument. In the duty, first, the act, which is to “remember.” Secondly, the object to be remembered, “your Creator.” And, thirdly, the time when he must be remembered, “now.”

Sincere converts to the Christian faith should wisely improve this present life, and carefully provide for a better one to come. The one that is truly faithful in one will in some measure be conscious in both, and both are pointed at in Mead’s text. The one that in the days of his youth remembers his Creator as he ought, rightly improves the present life and wisely provides for that which is to come. In doing so, he unites in his practice those duties that God has joined together in the precept, “remember your Creator now in the days of your youth.”

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Table of Contents
Introduction to This Work by C. Matthew McMahon
Meet Matthew Mead by C. Matthew McMahon
To Young Readers
To the Reader
Discourse 1
The Duties of Remembrance
The Object of Remembrance
The Application of Reproof
The Application of Exhortation
Discourse 2
Remembering Two Great Concerns
Further Observations
God as First Choice
The Duty to Choose God
The Advantage of Choosing God
The Application in Two Uses
Counsel and Exhortation
Final Directions in Choosing God
To Those Who Have Chosen God
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