Abraham Anderson on the scholastic method

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117. How is systematic theology distinguished, as to its arrangement, or method of conducting it? Ans. Into Positive and Scholastic.

118. What is the Positive? Ans. Such as commentaries on the Scriptures, following the order of the Scriptures, and not the connexion of doctrines — and insulated discourses.

119. What is the Scholastic method? Ans. A method conducted according to the rules of logic, setting forth the doctrines of divine truth in their connexion of matter, and dependencies of one part on another.

120. Is the Scholastic method to be approved? Ans. Yes; it is properly the systematic method, the method of schools, and is commended to us by the schools of the prophets, the creeds and collections of the Fathers, and by the example of the apostle Paul, to the Romans, Galatians, Hebrews, &c.

§ XXVI. 121. What is commonly meant by scholastic theology? Ans. A Popish theology, which was begun about the twelfth century, by Peter Lombard. They divided into sects, called Thomists, Scotists, Realists, Nominalists, &c. They had some good philosophical speculations and expressions, and some clear testimonies to divine truth; but they are justly blamed for the use they make of the authority of the Fathers and Philosophers, leading to neglect the Scriptures, and for their errors, curious and useless questions, barbarous terms, and darkening of the Scriptures by their explanations.

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