Alexander Leslie: Why will ye die?

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
Finally, “Why will ye die?” Are ye, after mature deliberation, finally and firmly resolved to reject all that can make you happy, and to court all that can make you miserable? Are you resolved to be Satan’s slaves rather than Jesus’ freemen? Have you made up your minds that the vials of that wrath which agonizes soul and body through eternity, are preferable to that cup of salvation which the Gospel invites you to drink? Are you resolved that Christ and salvation shall never be yours? Are you resolved that those healthful countenances shall. through eternity, be writhed in unutterable anguish?

Are you resolved that the voices which have been mingled to-day in the songs of Zion, shall be ultimately and for ever spent in the hideous wailings and lamentations of those who are consigned to the lake that burneth? Have the shrieks of eternal despair more charms than the new and ceaseless song of ransomed, happy Zion? Are you resolved to dwell with devouring flames, and to lie down in everlasting burnings, rather than in good earnest seek an entrance into that blessed abode where there is fulness of joy, and where there are pleasures for evermore? Are you resolved to cast away eternal life, with all the glory and the happiness it implies, and to prefer the second death with all the unmitigated agonies it ensures? Eternal Spirit! draw nigh in preventing grace, touch and soften every heart, that all may listen to the affecting question, “Why will ye die?”

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