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I have contemplated for many years placing Edwards' public works on my site. Many of the sites out there do not have much of Edwards posted. So, after deliberation, I have begun posting them. Thus far are all his scientific writings, all his sermons, and half of his miscellanies. I will, as time permits, post more. for now, it will take you a better half a couple of years to finish what is out there right now. But Edwards has had such a profound impact on me personally, that I could not leave him out of APM even though he is not a "puritan" perse.


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If you love the writings, sermons, and miscellanies of Edwards, here they are online.


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Edwards is one of my favorites too. A sermon posted by Chris Coldwell earlier reminded me of him though, "The Dangers of being overwise."

"Be not wise above that which is written. Be not so wise as to attempt to make things plain which God in his wisdom has seen best left obscure"

" The point of true wisdom is to make our faith the exact counterpart of God's revelations; to believe that, and only that, which He has revealed, either directly or indirectly, in the sacred scriptures. But there are many who show themselves over-wise by departing from this simple principle, and making a use of their reason in connection with God's truth, for which reason never was designed. And the result is, that some, because they find difficulties which they cannot explain, deny the divine authority of the scriptures altogether; while others darken counsel by words without knowledge, and incorporate into their creed hair breadth distinctions and metaphysical dogmas, and the result of all is, either that in attempting to explain God's truth, they have explained it all away, or else they have, in a great degree, neutralized its influence by mixing it up with the deductions of their own erring reason. It is an error to believe too little, and an error to believe too much; and he who makes himself over-wise is sure to fall into the one or the other."

Edwards seemed to have a habit of trying to rationalize the mysteries of Christianity. I think this is one of the reasons I like him so much; he demonstrated the reasonableness and inescapable logic of orthodoxy. But was he rationalizing things to strange and far for man to understand? Was he too smart for his own good?


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Wonderful, Matt! Thank you very much for this service to Christians everywhere! How superb to have all of these great works at my fingertips, online, no matter where I go!

Thank you!! :sing:


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Originally posted by C. Matthew McMahon
More miscellanies updated.

Thanks especially for posting these. I have seen them referenced alot of places, but they are not contained in the BoT version of his works.
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