American Idol Begins in a matter of minutes

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Humor' started by blhowes, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Yes, I wouldn't miss it

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  2. Yes, I'll watch it once in a while

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  3. Yes, I'll just watch it at the very end

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  4. No, I wouldn't waste my time!!!

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  5. No, I don't own a TV (but wish I could watch it)

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  6. No, I don't own a TV (wouldn't watch it if it did)

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  1. blhowes

    blhowes Puritan Board Professor

    It's exciting!!! The next season of American Idol is just about ready to start? Will you be watching?
  2. Scott Bushey

    Scott Bushey Puritan Board Doctor

  3. MrMerlin777

    MrMerlin777 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Never watched it. Never will.
  4. panta dokimazete

    panta dokimazete Panting Donkey Machete

  5. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

  6. turmeric

    turmeric Megerator

    I don't watch idols!:smug: :p :wink:
  7. brymaes

    brymaes Puritan Board Sophomore

  8. MrMerlin777

    MrMerlin777 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    It's a show loaded with unimportant pop fluff. They're merely on the lookout for the next "Britney Spears" to exploit. Frankly I find the whole thing completely boring.
  9. Richard King

    Richard King Puritan Board Senior

    I think the part where they show the people who are obviously without talent or a clue has grown old. It is tiring and unpleasant to watch people crash and burn like that.
  10. panta dokimazete

    panta dokimazete Panting Donkey Machete

  11. Davidius

    Davidius Puritan Board Post-Graduate

  12. blhowes

    blhowes Puritan Board Professor

    MrMerlin wrote: Never watched it. Never will.

    jdlongmire - :up:
    Ivan - :agree:
    theologae - Amen!
    CarolinaCalvinist - :ditto:

    :sing: Why not?
  13. blhowes

    blhowes Puritan Board Professor

    My family enjoys watching it. I'll probably catch the last few shows when they're left with half a dozen or so people who are the more talented of the singers.
  14. blhowes

    blhowes Puritan Board Professor

    One thing I like about the last few shows of the season is when they have professional singers come in to give the singers pointers. I'm not much of a Barry Manilow fan, but its interesting when famous singers like him come on the show and to hear their advice, hear them interviewed, etc.
  15. panta dokimazete

    panta dokimazete Panting Donkey Machete

    for the same reason some people do not like Joel Osteen's theology...:)
  16. Davidius

    Davidius Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    You mean how it idolizes man? :lol:
  17. toddpedlar

    toddpedlar Iron Dramatist

    well that's one possibility... another (my opinion only) is that there is absolutely nothing of redeeming value in the show.
  18. blhowes

    blhowes Puritan Board Professor

    To be fair to both sides:

  19. Irishcat922

    Irishcat922 Puritan Board Sophomore

    I watch the tryouts and then the final few. The tryouts are hilarious, and the finals are ussually amazing.
  20. Scott Bushey

    Scott Bushey Puritan Board Doctor

    It's simple entertainment.
  21. blhowes

    blhowes Puritan Board Professor

    One reason I won't watch the show regularly until the end is because of a fear I have. I'm afraid they'll have clips of previous singers. More specifically, the guy who sang the "She Bang" song. Just the thought of it...
  22. Blue Tick

    Blue Tick Puritan Board Graduate

    An honest answer and it makes sense.

    Same reason why I watch Law and Order. It's actually the only soap opera I recommend.
  23. gwine

    gwine Puritan Board Sophomore

    I have the misfortune of being in the chem lab here at work (where all the computers are that I monitor) and I get to listen to 24, survivor, great race, csi everything, american idol, and who knows what else. I just sit at the other end and read or leave. More screaming and shooting than real life could ever dream of.

    Such a vast wasteland out there. I'm glad I am moving to another area where I hope there won't be a tv.

    And yes, we have a tv at home. VCR and DVD only - no cable of satellite or antenna. I wish that I had never bought it. Beginning to think the same about the computer, too.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2007
  24. Semper Fidelis

    Semper Fidelis 2 Timothy 2:24-25 Staff Member

    I enjoy American Idol. The thing I enjoy about it is the singing and seeing a person develop in their talent from beginning to end. It is always very interesting to see how a particular singer is going to handle a certain genre and to be totally "Wow'd" by a performance from someone you had previously thought was a dark horse.

    Last season, for instance, I didn't think anything of that guy Elliot but, man o man, did I look forward to hearing him sing toward the end. What a heart that kid had - you could tell he really loved his mom and was deeply moved by the warm reception he received from his hometown when he visited.

    Yeah, some of American Idol is banal but there are parts that are very amazing when you see an average person walk up and dazzle you with an amazing vocal instrument.
  25. ReformedWretch

    ReformedWretch Puritan Board Doctor

    I am one of the few who watch it (or who is willing to admit here after reading most of these replies). You can't tell me that most of the terrible singers don't know they are terrible, so those who think the judges "crush" people are being worked in my opinion. It's all show.
  26. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    It's a waste of my time. It may not be for you. All I have to say is, enjoy! :handshake:
  27. blhowes

    blhowes Puritan Board Professor

    Can't argue with that reasoning. :handshake:

    I guess I just look at it as entertainment, and to the extent that any other form of entertainment is a waste of time, its a waste of my time too. Since I don't really enjoy the beginning of the season, I'll wait for them to narrow it down to those that have talent, then I'll waste my time for the last few shows.

    For now, I'll find better things to do with that time. While the family was enjoying the show upstairs last night (they really enjoy/get into it), I was downstairs listening to an excellent sermon on prayer. If I'm not mistaken (haven't checked), the show is on tonight too, in which case I'll do the same tonight.
  28. BobVigneault

    BobVigneault Bawberator

    Wouldn't waste my time. I'd rather be murdered by papercuts then to have to watch that train wreck.

    "Idol" is symptomatic of so many attributes that frustrate me to no end about our culture.

    1. It proves that honor is not something you earn but rather the result of sufficient hype and money and glitz. Celebrity-ism exalts people of low character who lack the discipline that should attend accomplishment.

    2. The purpose of the judges is not to give us critical analysis of real talent but to blow pathos, empty of content, out of there mouths. It's all about insults and sympathy and making a clever comment. This is what's wrong with any program that promises to give us analysis and argument, ie, news, talkshows - there is no truth presented, only pathos. Post-modernism is strenthened by this style.

    3. It's contrived, fake, exagerated and scripted. Treats the audience like idiots who believe this is somehow a slice of reality.

    4. Like all TV entertainment is an opiate, a diversion that replaces real matters of consequence.

    My one word summation of "Idol" - CRAPTASTIC!

    (Sorry to be such a fence sitter, I guess I just want everyone to like me. :rofl: )
  29. caddy

    caddy Puritan Board Senior

    Yes. I value the first few weeks for the high surge of endorphins I get from laughing so hard ..... !
  30. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor


    The problem isn't just American Idol, of course. How many times in the past have I been sucked in by the promo for some talk show, news segment, that was going to give me the information I so vitally needed to live my life only to fed some tripe that was of know value at all.

    Television is a vaste wasteland.

    BTW, I am something of a Luddite. :pilgrim:
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