An Author's Prayer

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Phil D.

ὁ βαπτιστὴς
O Lord God, who hast given me power and will, leisure and opportunity, to begin, go on with, and finish this Treatise, I bless Thee for all the gracious furtherances, and favourable assistances vouchsafed unto me therein.

And I do most humbly, and most earnestly beg of Thee to bless it to the ends whereunto I have designed it, which are the Advancement of thy Glory, and the promoting of the Peace of thy Church, by the satisfaction of doubters, and the conviction of opposers.

Put, I beseech Thee, into the hearts of all that shall read it, a readiness to receive the Truth in Love, and second, the reading of it with such Light and Evidence from thy Word and Spirit, that the Truths herein delivered may be convincingly discovered.

If to Thy Foundation, which is ever Truth, I have through ignorance, inadvertency, or misapprehension, added any thing that is erroneous, O let that error be made to appear, that no other may be deceived thereby, though I have been so. And when that error comes to be justly condemned, O let thy servant be mercifully pardoned.

Grant this for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

(William Walker [1623–84]; Rector of Colsterworth)
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