Any Recommendations for FREE Kindle Books?

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I just got a Kindle and would like to load it with good reading material, starting with the FREE books.

Do you have any recommendations or good places to find limited time free Kindle books?



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I've made a collection of e-books at my blog here. Hope it's helpful!

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

How would I load one of the PDF files you have on your blog onto my Kindle?
Depending on the size, you can just e-mail it to your kindle (there are instructions in the user manual for that, and online - it's just your kindle e-mail address). Or, if it's too big for your e-mail server (i.e. Google maxes out at 25 megb), then just connect your kindle to your computer and copy it over to it when it appears as an external drive.

btw - if you find the page helpful, click a few book links. It gives me some love from the WTS bookstore. And, of course, consider buying books from them!
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