Are you Afraid of Death and Dying? Nicholas Byfield has the Cure - NEW BOOK!

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
I don't think I've ever met someone who was not afraid, in some way, of dying. Whether it is the way you die, the people you leave behind and care for, the time of their death, etc.

This new work, "The Cure of the Fear of Death," is an outstanding, but simple, exposition of what the Bible says about death and dying, and how the Christian should think about death and dying. It has, in fact, lost its sting for us. One of the problems with this work is that it is written by a puritan named Nicholas Byfield, who, for all intents and purposes, is an unknown puritan. However, he preaches and teaches with the simplicity of Thomas Watson, while holding the penetrating insight in his teachings of Jeremiah Burroughs. He was an earlier puritan, but was extremely popular in his day. (I am currently working hard to publish everything by him.)

This work is a MUST READ for those struggling in any way with DEATH and end of life issues as a Christian.

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Thanks. It occurs to me that I don't think we have anything about this subject in our church library, and we do have many good books on Christian living and counseling issues.

I am like many people I know, who have no problem with the thought of being dead if it could happen in a flash, but who do dread the thought of a long drawn out battle with something terribly painful, as suicide is not an option. Reading David Brainerd's descriptions of the end with TB is enought to give me the cold chills when I think about how untreatable TB is emerging. Then there is of course cancer. Enough, I will get the book!

C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
I love reading some of these very old works...we don't have many, of any, books today that are like them.
Byfield is great in this regard.

Yes, some of the stories of missionaries getting sick, being tortured, Foxe's Book, etc. But even just the Christian who doesn't like the idea of the "unexperienced" (i.e. I have not gone through the waters of death and it seems frightening in many something I think every Christian has to deal with.) Byfield masterfully deals with this one idea simply, but powerfully.
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