Article: Why Reformed Theology?

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From the article...

That's right, Evangelicals are STARVED of the Gospel. They are fed deeds. They are fed purpose. They are fed experience. What they lack is the very News that can transform human hearts. What they never hear is that a Holy God is pouring out His wrath on all flesh. What they never hear is that all our works are like filthy rags before a Holy God who mankind hates because He is Holy. What they never hear is that, left to ourselves, no flesh will be found justified in His sight and He has every right to punish every man, woman, and child. Because God is Holy, He cannot overlook sin. It must be punished. But men think that God is there to serve them so they never experience the terribly bad news that their sin is worthy of condemnation.

Quite an astute observation.

(And I was glad to hear God used Dr Sproul's writings to help the writer see all-of-life discipleship).

The other day, a person told me of someone who is at best, walking a disorderly life as a believer. They said that although the person is not going to church, not associating with Christians, they do pray, and that they pray a lot.

I asked, "What are they praying for?"

They responded, "That God would send them [a second] husband, and they want this one to be a good Christian."

I told the person that lots of people pray for what they want- they pray for alleviation of the consequences of their sin, for material wants, for social wants, for alleviation of their feelings of guilt, that other people will be better toward them. But are they praying for God's grace to reprove them of their sin? Are they praying for grace to serve and honor God, whatever the cost?

Do they want things God gives?

Or do they want God?

It seems this is in line with the article.

We have a religious culture often permeated by the former.

Reformed theology helps us greatly in understanding our lives prove out what we really value.

The full counsel of God's Word is, in every generation, the antidote.

Semper Fidelis

2 Timothy 2:24-25
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I originally created this article about 1.5 years ago. I'm "re-creating" some things that were on the board in the past. I didn't realize it would create a thread like this but you guys are certainly welcome to comment on the article.


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Thanks for the article. I've watched the DVD of Soul Searching with my classes and they were able to identify with the students in the film. Sadly, moralistic therapeutic deism is for the most part what they are getting in their youth groups.
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