Asaph’s Psalm. What do you give to a God who has everything and what does he expect?

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    Asaph’s Psalm. What do you give to a God who has everything and what does he expect?

    The sons of Korah Psalm address all on earth, Psalm 49
    Asaph also speaks of God calling to the ends of the earth, Psalm 50

    Time and place:
    Mount Zion, Jerusalem
    Temple not yet built
    Priest are carrying on poles the ark covered by the curtain of the Holy of holies to Mount Zion, the ark
    David’s kingdom just beginning
    Time are a changing
    Sacrifices will continue in Shiloh in the old tabernacle and other priests and Levites will serve God there Asaph will serve God here, singing and ministering before the ark in it’s new tabernacle-tent on Zion
    Time are a changing

    Asaph looks at the ark coming to Zion and sees more
    And what might that be?

    From David's relatively small corner of the world, Asaph sees far. He does have title of seer.
    Asaph sees God speaking and calling the ends of the earth From Mount Zion to judgment. The ends of the earth? From Mount Zion?

    The priest bring the ark to a tent, a tabernacle prepared by David on Mount Zion. A seemingly unlikely place to subpoena the ends of the earth.

    Asaph sees God calling court to session
    El, Elohim, Yawheh, the Honorable thrice named God has presented his summons

    From the rising of the sun to the setting, the perfection of beauty will shine forth from Zion
    God will shine on everything under the sun, outshining the sun? From Zion?

    The ark has come to Zion
    God, our God, will come to Zion
    God comes to judge
    His court officers are a devouring tempestuous fire
    Earth and sky called as witnesses
    Heaven presents affidavits to God's righteousness
    A God sits ro judges His people


    Court now in session; The Magistrate of Majesty addresses his people
    judgment begins with the household of God
    Gather my saints to me, ( Asaph happens to mean gather )
    Those who cut a covenant with Him
    They listen in silence
    I don't fault you for your burnt offerings
    I accepted burnt offerings from Abel, Noah and Abraham
    Dedicate your selves to Me
    Think about it
    Don't make sacrifices as if I need them
    I don't get hungry
    I don't get thirsty
    I know each feathered flyer in the sky, every sparrow
    I know every furry runner on the ground, every single one
    If I needed something I wouldn't ask you
    What might you give a God who has everything?
    Ask God for something you need instead.
    Pray for help in the day of trouble.
    I will delivers and you will honor Me

    Without as much as a selah, God turns to the wicked.

    Speaking of trouble.
    What might God expect of those not his people? The wicked?
    What might God expect of an unbelieving world?
    Quite a Bit apparently
    Charges include:
    Hating instruction. Lack of discipline
    Aiding and abetting sin in progress
    Breaking commandments
    Ignoring god’s word, being dismissive of it.
    Verbal misconduct. Slander of close relatives.
    Forgetting God

    The wicked hope for a reprieve. There is no selah for the wicked

    The charges are serious.
    Take heed lest I take you apart, body and soul

    And what to do if the wages you earned in death and judgment?
    Offer thanks
    Get your ways in order
    And I, God, will show you my salvation

    Take a look at how to do this in the next Psalm
    as David writes the most humiliating Psalm in history of Psalms

    Asaph song is back to back with the song’s of Korah’s song to all on earth encouraging them to look to God for deliverance form Death
    Asaph now appeals to a right sacrifice, ordering one's ways and thanksgiving
    Asaph song is back to back with another song about ordering one’s life, appealing to God's nature. Appealing to the character of God being merciful and loving

    Psalm 51 follows
    A disordered situation, worthy of death, laws broken, trust broken , judgment deserved
    Showing how right worship and mercy might look
    The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit
    A broken and contrite heart
    These, Oh God you will not despise

    Majesty has spoken

    Asaphs song sits between God's call to the world
    and God's mercy to the broken and contrite

    God led by pillar and cloud, incarnated as it were in the ark to be with the people
    suffered death, lost to the Philistines
    restored, resurrected as it were
    now ascending to Zion
    for the end of the earth to see and hear

    But even in Asaph's day, the ends of the earth were unreached
    In Christ, God will come to Zion
    In Christ, God will cause every eye to see
    The perfection of God's beauty
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