August Coupon for 40% Off EBOOKS at Puritan Publications

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
40% off ALL eBooks: August Coupon for Puritan Publications
Only a couple of times a year do we have coupon discounts for eBooks at our main site. Take advantage! Use the coupon PURITAN40 at checkout. Good until Friday August 11th.

We have lots of new titles, including:

Aspects of the Religious History of Lewis Up to the Disruption of 1843 – by Rev. Murdo Macaulay.

A Glimpse of God’s Glory – Thomas Hodges (1600-1672)

The Growth and Spreading of Heresy – Thomas Hodges (1600-1672)

God Paying Every Man His Due - Francis Woodcock (1614-1649)

The Bible’s Teaching On the Call to the Ministry - William S. Plumer (1802–1880)

Hey Matthew,

As a result of the Baptist Covenant Theology debate on other posts, I decided to use the discount to purchase Blake's The Covenant of God to see if my 1689 Baptist Theology can withstand the challange. :D

You did not mention Blake's book above. Surely you of all people desire to see Reformed Baptists 'backslide' :lol: :lol:
From your covenant theology reading list on this board I purchased Rutherford and Blake as well.
I see that Vos' article on Covenant Theology in his shorter writings states that Blake has a well thought through argument re his covenant theology.

You may also want to read Witsius' "Economy of the Covenants".
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