Augustine's City of God and Confessions


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Hey all, I want to get Augustine's works mentioned in the thread title and was wondering if there were any suggestions on what the best version to get was? I noticed there was a thread from 11 years ago asking a similar question, but likely there have been new versions that have come out since then, so I thought it might be time for a topic refresh (also, I am additionally including Confessions). In any case, thanks in advance for any of the suggestions.


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Any translation by a major publisher is fine. There is the occasional nuance on the technical level, but unless you are comparing Augustine's polis in Civ. Dei Book 19 with Cicero's Republic, it won't matter.

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My Augustine professor in seminary recommended the new (and as yet unfinished) translation work being done by New City Press—The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century. I was privileged to have access to many of the volumes at the seminary library. They are beautifully bound and seem very well done. They are pricey, though. This is the translation of Confessions I was required to read for that class.


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Henry Bettenson's 1972 translation of City of God, in the Penguin Classics, is the one I have. It's satisfyingly fat (like me) and not very expensive - under $20.

Henry Chadwick's translation of Confessions is excellent. Also in Penguin Classics.


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Another vote for New City Press. I sprung for the hardback version of City of God a couple years back and it is very high quality construction and extremely readable.


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Get the audio versions and go hike the Appalachian Trail with them. For me, I almost cried during Leg Day at the gym listening to Augustine... but Leg Day should make you cry anyway, so...