Bahnsen and Christmas

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Have you ever met anybody, anywhere, in your entire life, who celebrates their birthday with pulling out baby pictures with their mother holding them as a baby?

Look up "mother and child religion"; maybe preface it with the word "Babylonian" or "Egyptian." It goes way back.

At this point I don't mind the commercialism, the presents, the pretty lights and snowflakes, the food. I mind pretending it is really the birthday of Jesus at church, when it was the feast of Saturnalia. The sun God died on the solstice on Dec 22nd, and rose three days later on the 25th. What a counterfeit. I can't be honest and claim it is something it isn't.

I do really-totally- mind angel pictures, which are invariably women, or little toddlers with chubby cheeks. Angels manifested as men, and so fearsome that people felt afraid. Modern angels are from the Satanic tranny agenda if you ask me. Women instead of men. Ugh.

It was just as bad in my PCA past as everywhere else, they even lit candles for advent. Its a tough thing for me, I guess we all have those subjects where we try to bear with non essentials. But I hate it in church.

I say Merry Christmas to all the lovely people who say Merry Christmas to me. The kids do a pollyanna and we join it. The neighbors give out baked goods to each other and I give something. I figure it is like eating meat sacrificed to idols; leave people alone with their conscience. To Christians it is to the glory of God for the incarnation. To me it isn't.

We haven't had a tree in 41 years of marriage. I know the ancients brought in evergreens to celebrate the everlasting life of the sun god. I just can't do it. You cannot imagine the shock and upsetness by Christians that we don't have a tree. You'd think we grew a third eyeball and are freaks. How could we deprive our children.

Enjoy your holidays or non holidays, whatever it is you do or don't do.


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Hi Chris,

I guess I’m having a hard time reconciling this:

How is it unlawful if mandated to the minister because it makes it elemental, but the minister's imposing and insisting on it on the congregation yearly does not [unlawful]

with this:

“All, I've already said that there is nothing wrong per se with a topical sermon about Christ's birth around the end of December.”

The issue for you seems to be the yearly practice of the occasion, but not the occasion driven practice per se.
The first pull quote is a question based on Bahnsen's statement that seems to rest only on imposition of authority and that only on the minister. The second is my view on just the matter of the question of whether one may preach a nativity sermon "in theory" without any regard otherwise to the pretended holy day. If the sermon is responsible as I already outlined, I don't care if it is one and done, every five years, or every year.
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