Baseball Postseason

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God willing, who do you think will win the World Series this year?

(side question- who do you want to win?)

My thoughts:

Cardinals beat Padres in 4 games
Astros beat Braves in 5

Yankees beat Angels in 5
Red Sox beat White Sox in 4

Cardinals beat Astros in 7
Yankees beat Red Sox in 6

Yankees are champs over Cardinals in 7

(Goodbye, Busch Stadium)


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Growing up, I was always a Cardinals fan. But, I've enjoyed the Red Sox a lot the past few years. I THINK the Cardinals will win, but I'd like to see either them or the Red Sox win.


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I think the Cards, I'm hoping for a Red Sox Nation. Don't just break the curse, reverse the curse.

Thankful for baseball,

Joseph Ringling

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Originally posted by Calvibaptist
Being a Baltimore Orioles fan, I vote for anyone but the Yankees.

:lol: You sound like my Grandfather. Grandpa, is that you? J/K

Yankees all the way. I think it will be the Yankees and the Cards in the Series. Yankees in five.


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I don't have tv but I do have broadband internet. Is there a station online where I can listen to games for free?

Or is there any Seattle radio stations that will broadcast some games?


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Any thoughts on what has transpired?

I think Pujols home run last night will rank with Kirk Gibson's as one of the best in history.

The poor quality of the officiating seems to be a given in every sport in every year in the playoffs. But this year, the umpires in both LCS series have been some of the worst.

I am uncertain as to where I stand in the debate between instant replay or not being implemented into baseball. What are your thoughts?

If the White Sox win it all, how are those poor tireless Cubs fans going to feel?


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Instant Replay? Ugh.

There was one play, I think it was the WS 2nd baseman, who failed to touch the bag on a double play ball. Runner was called safe. That was the right call. The fielder looked incredulous, like, "How could you do that to me, ump?" And one of the announcers was saying, (was it Tim "Mr Obvious" McCarver, the colorman)?, "that's an 'area' play, a 'vicinity' play. Should have been an out."

C'mon! This is the playoffs. Quit whining about not getting a freebee! Sheeesh....
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