Benjamin Shaw, A Prayer for Today, paying attn. to intimations of God's judgments

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    A prayer for today: O Lord our God, help us to pay attention. The earth quakes. The seas roar and foam. Floods sweep away villages. Landslides destroy towns. We bury the dead and weep for them. We heal the wounded. We try to restore what was lost. But mostly, we try to figure out ways to keep it from happening again. But the whole time we are deaf and blind. We are not paying attention. We do not see that these are but intimations of your judgment. We do not hear the word of warning, calling us to repentance. Help us to hear, Lord. Help us to warn others that you are coming to judge the earth. You will judge the world with righteousness and the peoples with equity. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen. (Psalm 29; Psalm 98:9).
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    David Murray at the Puritan Conference last year remarked that even one major news source said of all the natural catastrophies that the end times seem to be getting in a few dress rehearsals. They are getting alarmed, but they're not getting the message.

    There's only one worse judgment: when the candlestick of the church is removed entirely. In that case, far better to have natural disasters than none at all.
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