Bernard of Clairvaux on God’s treatment of our moral sores

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
... Our heavenly Physician does not always treat our moral sores with ointment. They may be too infected for that. He will at need cauterize or lance them, sending temptations and afflictions to the chosen soul to crush and humiliate it so that its joy is turned into sorrow and its revelation now seems a delusion. It is preserved from vanity; but the revelation still stands true. St Paul’s pride was kept down by a sting of the flesh but he was lifted up by his many revelations. Zachary was punished by dumbness for his unbelief but the angel’s prophecy did not fail. The saints always go forward, in honour or dishonour. If they are ever led to think too much of themselves by their gifts and fall into the human weakness of vanity, they will very quickly be reminded of what they really are. ...

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