Best bio on John Owen???

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I am in the middle of reading Marsden's book on Jonathan Edwards. Really enjoying it.

I would like to read a good biography on John Owen next. Any recommendations???

PS - If you have a young child, you might want to pick up a small series that has titles like "Ten Boy Who Changed The World" or "Ten Boys Who Made History" or "Ten Boys Who Made A Difference." (You can exchange "Girls" for "Boys" in each case.

Each has ten very quick (10-20 page) bios of each character. Not a lot of detail but pretty good to whet the appetite. I walked in on my second grader the other day and he was reading the chapter on Jan Hus. That's is a sight I want to remember and cherish. Last week, he asked me to read the chapter on John Calvin and my girls wanted to hear about Lottie Moon (a SBC missionary).

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I have read a couple. The one that is in his works by Andrew Thomson. Then Peter Toon did one called. God's Statesman: The life and Work of John Owen

Peter Toons is more critical.
P. S. Have you read Arnold Dallimores George Whitefield? It's two volumes published by Banner of Truth. I have read a lot of Biographies and I enjoyed Whitefields Bios the Best.
I listened to Arnold Dallimore give Whitefield's biography in a lecture given at the Founder's Conference. The lecture was awesome; I would think the book is even better.
I have read several of Dallimore's biographies and have always enjoyed them. I would love to see him do a full biography on Owen's life, as of yet I don't think there is anything done that is very thorough.
I would love to see that also. I think Ferguson or Packer could do a good Job.

John Owen was one of the first Puritans I read. Probably the most influential in my pursuit of personal holiness.
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