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Discussion in 'General discussions' started by sparkmanrl, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. sparkmanrl

    sparkmanrl Puritan Board Freshman


    I am involved with prison ministry.

    I give a small number of books to inmates each month.

    I am looking for a good paperback title relating to the basics of the gospel message, hopefully by a Reformed author. It must be paperback due to the jail regulations.

    The average inmate doesn't know words related to salvation, so the book would need to include those terms.

    If anyone has an idea on such books on the gospel message, it would be appreciated. I am only one of a dozen or so chaplain aides. Sometimes I don't see the same person for a few months, even if they remain in the jail, so I leverage from books like this.

    I like Greg Gilbert's book What is the Gospel? and I use his tracts, but unfortunately the book is a hardback and I cannot give those to prisoners.

  2. Grant Jones

    Grant Jones Puritan Board Freshman

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  3. greenbaggins

    greenbaggins Administrator Staff Member

    Ferguson's book The Christian Life is also about the speed you're looking for, and it is paperback.
  4. DTK

    DTK Puritan Board Junior

    Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard would be an excellent tool as well.
  5. arapahoepark

    arapahoepark Puritan Board Graduate

  6. Reformed Bookworm

    Reformed Bookworm Puritan Board Freshman

    Do an Amazon search for Paul Washer Gospel. He has a whole series and a little pamphlet on the basics of the Gospel. I especially like "The Gospel and True Conversion."
  7. Josh Williamson

    Josh Williamson Puritan Board Freshman

    John Blanchard's material is excellent.
  8. Ben Zartman

    Ben Zartman Puritan Board Freshman

    For a tiny booklet (or large tract), "A Bad Record and a Bad Heart," based on one of A.N. Martin's sermons, is hard to beat. You can find it at Chapel Library.
  9. chuckd

    chuckd Puritan Board Sophomore

    Holiness by J.C. Ryle
  10. C. M. Sheffield

    C. M. Sheffield Puritan Board Junior

    If you have not, I would strongly encourage you to make use of Chapel Library. They have such a wide variety of really excellent literature in booklet form at reasonable prices. The one Ben mentioned is excellent. If you need a large quantity, you'll need to give them a call.
  11. Loganm

    Loganm Puritan Board Freshman

    I really like Paul Washer, he's a fairly easy read, so that is nice.

    That is super awesome that you are doing that. Prisons are a very overlooked outreach opportunity. How do you get involved in something like that? (I know that question isn't exactly relevant to the topic, I do apologize.) I am looking into getting into ministry, and am looking for places that maybe don't get much attention.
  12. Grant Jones

    Grant Jones Puritan Board Freshman

    Since you are PCA, you may want to look into a ministry called Metanoia.

    I have been doing it a view months and it is really really great.

    Basically you get assigned a inmate and you begin grading their bible study lessons. You also begin writing letters to one another in order to establish a personal relationship and help disciple them. The ironic thing I have found is that I have been equally edifed and discipled by grading the lessons and getting to know the person.

    I believe you will need the recommendation of a PCA Pastor. See the site below. Hope this helps.

  13. Dachaser

    Dachaser Puritan Board Professor

    Knowing God by JI Packer

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