Best puritan explanation of law & grace?

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Hi! Which puritan would you most recommend on the topic of law & grace?
Would like to read on their view of John 1:17 when it says law was brought by Moses but Jesus brought grace. It is my understand that law and grace are not opposed to each other (was this Luther's view?) because they come from same source GOD but that grace and law serve two different intended purposes. Would this be correct?

Also especially interested in how the purtians or general reformed writers view the meaning of Romans 6:14 when it states that Christians are no longer under law but grace. Many today use this as a proof text to say that the moral law (10 commandments) has been put away and was negative.


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You really would enjoy "The Grace of Law: A Study of Puritan Theology" by Ernest Kevan.
I second this. Dr Beeke says of this book “Ernest Kevan’s The Grace of Law gives us a library of biblically balanced Puritan wisdom condensed into one book. Dr. Kevan has masterfully drawn and woven together the threads of several dozen Puritan writers on God’s law into a beautiful tapestry of their theology of grace. As the law relates to all of life and godliness, readers will find The Grace of Law a wise and concise guide with regard to a broad range of crucial topics such as God’s covenants, justification by faith alone, and the practical ‘third use’ of the law to direct the Christian’s life. I first read this much-needed book in 1977 and was profoundly influenced by it, but today it is needed more than ever. I pray that this reprint will serve as a wake-up call and a pedagogical tool for a church being lulled to sleep by cheap grace and antinomianism.”

You cannot get a better recommendation than that.

PS. I also second the recommendation "Gospel mystery of sanctification" by Walter Marshall, also a highly acclaimed Puritan work on the moral law. It has typical Puritan balance here.
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