Biblical Analysis of the Prison System

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This is something that has interested me for quite some time, and so when the opportunity to write a paper for a class at the Seminary presented itself, I took the opportunity. I understand that Biblically speaking, systems of incarceration usually find themselves at odds with God's will for punishment, but I would like to procure analysis done by finer minds than myself.

I was wondering what good Reformed men have written on this? Rushdoony has written on the topic in his Institutes, but I was wondering who else might have done so who is more in the stream of Confessional Reformed & Puritanical writers.

Thanks in advance!

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Rom, I think that Alexander McLeod said something against prisons in Negro Slavery Unjustifiable, in relation to preferring indentured servitude to prisons, especially as the latter were funded via burdensome taxation. In fact, you may find the reference on page 31 of that pamphlet.
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