Bid for Logos edition of Rev. Thomas Smyth's Complete Works

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Shawn Mathis

Puritan Board Sophomore
His work on the eldership in particular was praised by Drs. Miller, Alexander and Hodge. He has a host of other topics he covered during the 1800s. Ten volume set.Here is the book list and bid at Logos.

One Little Nail

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Hello, Thomas Smyth has some great ecclesiastical writings, Ive been especially blessed
by his Catechism of the Presbyterian Church, the only drawback i found was that he
puts a division in the eldership by only counting the ruling elder as a Bishop the same
as Charles Hodge,whereas Samuel Miller Northern Pressy who's book The Ruling Elder,
Dabney & Thornwell Southern Pressy's, & virtually the whole of Scottish Presbyterianism
held to an Eldership which had both a ruling & teaching distinction with an Ordained Minister
(Pastor &/or Teacher)being the Teaching Elder as per 1 Tim 5:17.Samuel Millers book ought
to be made a mandatory read for every Elder & Minister in my opinion, Smyth & C. Hodge
held that the NT Elder Qualifications in Timothy were only for Ministers as they held
that the Qualifications for Ruling Elders were given by Moses, this error,the seperation of
the Eldership,was espoused by some Early Church "Fathers" ie Cyprian,I believe this was
one of the reasons why the Church gradually Apostatised into Prelacy,the thin edge of the
wedge if you will. Nevertheless Thomas Smyth's writings are well worth reading most can
be found & downloaded for FREE at Google Books.

Shawn Mathis

Puritan Board Sophomore

Smyth wrote several books and essays on this debate (contra Thornwell and Dabney) and the broader issue of Presbyterianism vs. Prelacy.

I am unclear about what you are saying concerning a "division' in the eldership (e.g. "ruling elder as Bishop"). I think you are referring to the 2 office vs. 2.5 office. vs. 3 office. Hodge, Miller, Smyth, Calvin and the original WCF Form of Church Government (google book that) were clearly 3 office (and four if teacher and pastor are different)--even if they may use different texts and arguments. Unfortunately, I do not know of any one article that summarizes these historical facts.

But just look for other threads here to find that discussion. You are right: much good stuff here!
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