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I was wondering is there a good book on the background of the Gospels and one that puts the 'exile-restoration' theme/motif in it's proper place? Seems that I find it a lot in some books trying to explain the Gospels but they seem like an over reading of it into the Gospels.

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This may not be what you are looking for, however, since you do not seem to be getting any other activity on this thread, I thought I might have a go at it.

There is a Google online book by Andrew Brunson -- Psalm 118 in the Gospel of John: An Intertextual Study of the New Exodus Pattern in the Theology of John (2003) . The continuing exile is discussed in section III Psalm 118 and the Feast of Passover (p. 63 ff). This book is probably a printing of his doctoral dissertation.

By googling the name "Andrew Brunson", it appears that he received his Ph.D. in 2001 from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland; and is currently serving as a missionary in Turkey. He also appears to be connected with Reformed Presbyterianism. If you wish to contact him about his book, you might be able to locate his contact information by visiting this Google results link. Beyond that, I do not know anything further about the author or his book.

Well, at least now you have a reply to your thread!
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