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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
A few books to consider for this month on godly reform:

The Duty of Reformation in Light of God’s Mercies – by Thomas Gouge (1605-1681)

Do you long for reformation and spiritual revival? Even though God has given Christians blessing upon blessing, and mercy piled onto mercy, if Christians answer God’s abundant blessing by sinning against him, what then should they expect?

Reformation and Desolation - by Stephen Marshall (1594–1655)
Are you expecting to see God move in reforming the church? Why? Is your heart settled to continue the work of reformation? Are you truly expecting biblical revival?

The Christian’s Duty Towards Reformation – by Thomas Ford (1598–1674)
Are you ready for Reformation to occur? Thomas Ford says that you must not only be ready for it to occur, but that you must be settled to see it through to the end. This is EVERY Christian’s duty before God daily. Ford masterfully deals with Josiah’s reformation, and why it did not last through to the end after the King’s death. This is truly an important work on discerning the manner in which God will bless true biblical reformation.

The Precious Seeds of Reformation – by Humphrey Hardwicke (n.d.)
How willing are you to be used of God for the work of Reformation? Is reforming the church precious to you? Such work is hard, and often in the midst of being hated and ridiculed, even by complacent Christians in the church. In this rare puritan work, Hardwicke explains how our sowing in tears will ultimately, in God’s timing, be filled with reaping in joy. We are not to live in doubt of God’s work of providence for the good of his people!

Gradual Reformation Intolerable – by C. Matthew McMahon and Anthony Burgess (1600-1663)
Is there a need for a biblical reformation today? The answer on that is a Bible-thumping YES! But should it happen slowly and gradually? Was this the method Christ used in preaching, or the Reformers? McMahon and Burgess team up to give the thoughtful Christian a biblical foundation to promote current reformation in their church and their homes.

Church Reformation Tenderly Handled – by John Brinsley (1600-1665)
Every church member, every elder, every minister, every head of household should desire to see REFORMATION. In this wonderful work, Brinsley explains how church reformation should take place both in the church and in the home. For those desiring to see God move by his Spirit in true revival within the church and family of Christian believers, this book a treat.

Family Reformation Promoted, and Other Works – by Daniel Cawdrey (1588-1664)
How reformed is your family? Daniel Cawdrey has taken William Gouge’s work, “Domestical Duty” and made it usable for today’s reader. An awesome puritan work which includes three other never before published works of Cawdrey.

A Discourse on Church Discipline and Reformation – by Daniel Cawdrey (1588-1664)
Are you your brother’s keeper? Christians and Pastors alike should read Daniel Cawdrey’s excellent work on church discipline and entrance to the sacrament of communion. A must read in our day where censure is all but lost.

The Reformation Made Easy – C. Matthew McMahon
Read about the sovereignty of God in action during the greatest revival and recovery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in church history – the Reformation…and all of it MADE EASY.

The Difficulties of and Encouragements to a Reformation – Anthony Burgess (1600-1663) 2nd Ed.
How hard is it for REFORMATION to take place? How hard is it for YOUR personal reformation to occur? This is a wonderful treatise on Mark 1:2-3 that shows how hard it is for true reformation to take place. Burgess encourages us toward reformation nonetheless.
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